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The Adelante Food Pantry is running dry! Please consider donating non-perishable, healthy food items.

The Food For Thought food bank at Santa Fe High School is supported by donations to the PIE Foundation and other charitible groups.
Adelante needs lots of beans, lots and lots of beans.

May Peace Prevail In Santa Fe

Without justice, compassion, and truth, there is no peace. Santa Fe, New Mexico is a diverse community populated by the super wealthy, the well off, those living paycheck to paycheck... and the destitute: people living in their cars, on the streets, and under bridges. In a perfect world we would see it as our civic duty to all pitch in and take care of each other, and see to it that every child has a home to live in, can go to school, and not go to bed hungry. Sadly, it's not a perfect world.

Adelante, Santa Fe Public Schools' response to the local homelessness crisis, provides advocacy, tutoring, evening programs, and material aid to homeless families in all of our schools. Adelante also educates the community about child homelessness.

Temperatures are dropping in Santa Fe! Adelante is working hard to make sure families are warm and safely housed before winter comes. The organization has worked with 1,100 children and youth since the start of the school year, helping to keep utilities on, prevent evictions, connect to vital services, and find sustainable housing.

Adelante needs:

  • Diapers sizes 4,5 and 6
  • Non-perishable Food for the pantry, especially proteins like peanut butter and meats. We also need cereals, pasta and sauce, canned soups, mac n cheese, dry beans, granola bars, nuts and snacks
  • Winter Coats, Boots and Warm Gear, especially for boys and teens. 
  • Volunteers! We have Many Exciting ways to get involved depending on your interest and availability.
  • Tutors! One-on-one tutors are essential to helping our students get ahead with their studies

Milagro Community Garden, in conjunction with Lutheran Church of the Servant, is committed to donating fresh nutritious vegetables, dry food, clothing, and school supplies to Adelante on a weekly basis. Food security for kids is a big part of our church's mission. So far this season, we have donated 551.5 lbs. of food and school supplies to homeless families. May peace prevail in Santa Fe.

John Peterson
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